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Cremation Ashes Urns in bronze and porcelain

Funerary Urns in Bronze and Porcelain

For the conservation of cremation ashes, Real Votiva offers a range of funerary urns for ashes in bronze and decorated porcelain.

Bronze Cremation Ashes Urn

Depending on the material used, the following are available:

The funerary urns for ashes produced by Real Votiva are characterized by a style that is consistent with other types of articles, excellent finishes and high quality materials.

Therefore, our offer allows you to choose the most suitable urn model for your needs, combining it easily with other funeral accessories of the same line.

Bronze or porcelain funerary urns can also be used for the cremation ashes of your beloved dogs or cats and pets in general after cremation.

The cremation urn will be the cradle for the ashes of your loved one and will warm your heart knowing that he/she will always be with you: a constant and close memory of your loved ones. 

These beautiful objects are a wonderful alternative to a traditional casket that gets buried in the ground.

In fact, many individuals nowaday prefer body cremation and storing of ashes because it is an environmentally and economically sustainable option.

Curiosity. The funeral urns can also be made of stone, bronze, marble, alabaster, ceramic or glass, and are intended to collect the ashes of a deceased after cremation.

In ancient times the containers had a circular shape, were closed by a lid and were devoid of loops.

The urn was used in many civilizations of the past who practiced the funeral rite of cremation, such as the culture of the urns, the biconical vases in Etruria and the olla in ancient Rome, which was kept inside colombaria.