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Brackets and studs for tombstones and fixing supports

Support brackets and studs for gravestones in bronze and steel

The Brackets and Studs for tombstones have the function of supporting the marble slabs of the tombstones.

Brackets and studs for tombstones

Brackets and studs for tombstones have an anchoring function and are positioned between one marble slab and another.

The model “Compact bracket” is characterized by adjustable fins with variable stop, depending on the formats, from 0.8 to 2 cm. 

Bronze brackets are available in different sizes and colours, such as:

  • bronze (raw material)
  • glitter bronze
  • glitter light bronze
  • black ceramismalt
  • white ceramismalt
  • chromium
  • mercury (or gunmetal color)
  • marble colours like Carrara, Botticino, Guatemala green or Marquinia black. 

Our production also includes bronze rings for gravestone which are directly applicable to the stone slab and which have an exclusively decorative purpose.

bronze ring for gravestone

All of these products are covered with a special coating that ensures weatherproof and are very useful especially for outdoors planted graves.

bronze stud for gravestone

The supply of the brackets includes the stainless steel threaded pins for fixing.

Note. Some models of studs are usable for decorative purposes only.