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Letters and numbers for epigraphs on tombstones

Characters in bronze, steel and porcelain for epigraphs on graves

Real Votiva produces various kind of letters and numbers for epigraphs and inscriptions on tombstones, tombs and funeral monuments, available in various materials, styles and sizes. They are distinguished by their high quality, easy of assembly and excellent finishing.

Bronze Letters

In first place we have various models of Bronze Letters used for epigraphs on headstones and monumentsBronze letters for epigraphs on tombstones are available in the following styles: 

  • Romano“, in glossy and patinated variants.
  • Italiano“, in glossygunmetal and golden variants.
  • Italiano Monumental“, only glossy variant.
  • Corsivo Palatino” (Italic), in glossygunmetalgolden and other variants.
Lettere e numeri per scritte su lapidi e tombe
Corsivo Palatino (Italic)
Glossy Bronze Finishing

The “Romano” and “Italiano” letters are available in the following height sizes (cm): 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8. 

For these models, the we offers a free drilling guides generation service that greatly facilitate the operation of mounting the letters on the tombstone.

Italiano Monumentale” letters are available only in 9 cm height size.

Corsivo Palatino” letters are available in 5.5 cm height size, for the initial uppercase letter of names and surnames, and 3 cm height size, for the lowercase letters.

Letters in italic are available in two variants:

  • the first one, more refined, involves the assembly of the characters by welding,
  • the second, more practical and economic but not less valuable than the first, provides the assembly through a simple but effective screwing system (the letters of the names/surnames are screwed together by means of a small retractable threaded pin while the numbers of the dates are screwed onto a bar provided with special threaded holes).  

Porcelain Letters

In addition to the classic bronze character, Real Votiva also produces a valuable range of Porcelain Letters called “Futura“.

These letters are available in white and in an assorted marble colors (Pink, Pearl, Green, Onyx, Black Marble, Apuania, Beta, Portoro, Travertine, Carrara, Labrador, Red). The available height sizes are 3, 4, 5, 7 cm. 

Porcelain Letters
Porcelain letters – “Futura” Line

Steel Letters

Finally, the product range also includes a refined series of Steel Letters in the “Romano Large“, “Romano Narrow“, “Romano Prismatic” available in the following height sizes 2.5, 3.5, 4.5, 5.5, 6 and 8 cm.

Steel Letters
Stainless steel letters – “Roman” Line

Steel Letters – Italic Line

In addition to the single letters (that can be applied individually), we can carry out, upon customers’ request, personalized italic style lettering with joined letters, obtained with a laser cutting technique on 2 mm thick stainless steel sheet.

Steel letters for tombstones - Italic - English model
Steel letters for tombstones – Italic type – “English” Line

Available in various dimensions starting from 1.5 cm in height, with the only constraint that the height of the initial capital letters is twice the height of the lower case letters (for example: initial letters capitalized 5 cm in height, lower case letters 2.5 cm in height).