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Memorial Photo Frames for Graves Headstones

Picture frames in bronze, porcelain and steel

Real Votiva produces a wide range of memorial photo frames for graves in bronze, as well in porcelain and steel.

On our catalog you can explore the many available lines, classified in:

  • Bronze products lines (Olpe, Idria, Cotile, Olla, Pelike, Calice, Pisside, Anfora, Cista, Giara, Fonte, Lebete, Campana, Caritas, Keliche, Seba, Meg, Rose, Volo).
  • Porcelain products lines (Victoria, Saturno, Calice, Venere, Giara, Decoro, Easy, Rose)
  • Steel products lines.

Most of the available photo frames can be combined with other types of products of the same line, sharing a common style and design.

For the same model, are available various sizes ranging from around 9 cm (eg 9×12 for rectangular shape frames or 7×9 for oval shape) up to large sizes around twenty cm (eg 18×24). 

Generally the frames are applied to the tombstone surface by means of two pins placed in the rear part and are designed to accommodate a corresponding porcelain photo inside.

In addition, there are also some photo-frame models that can be fixed on flat horizontal surfaces (for example cemetery monuments or graves on the ground) using a support base.

Bronze Photo Frames for Gravestones and Tombs

The various models of Bronze Photo Frames are produced in different variants such as patinated bronzeglitter bronze or are decorated with small bronze objects, such as doves, or decorations in gold or gunmetal color.

Bronze photo-frame for graves

The most precious photo frame models are those produced with the lost wax technique, such as the Keliche and Meg line, unique for their fine decorations.

Porcelain Photo Frames for Gravestones and Tombs

The Photo Frames in Porcelain are made basically of white porcelain and and have a rectangular or oval shape.

Porcelain Photo-Frame for graves

The various models of porcelain frames available differ in terms of:

  • floral decorations printed on one side of the border;
  • marbled finish in various colors (red france, guatemala green, carrara, botticino, black maquinia etc.);
  • floral decorations in bas-relief (rosebuds, calla lilies etc.) with and without coloring.

Steeel Photo Frames for Gravestones and Tombs

Finally, the Real Votiva catalog also includes a series of oval and rectangular Photo Frames in Stainless Steel, available in various sizes.

Steel photo-frame for graves

Some models are distinguished by low-relief floral decorations on the edges.

In particular, there is a model of photo-frame adorned with a rose bud completely in steel.

Technical notes

All our Memorial Photo Frames for Graves are finished with a special transparent coating that guarantees resistance to weather and time, particularly useful for applications on graves placed outdoors.