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Bas Relief Plaques for Tombstones

Decorative plaques and ornaments in bronze and porcelain

The decorative bas relief plaques and other ornaments are used for the decoration of graves headstones, tombstones, ossuries and monuments as well as artistic decorative elements inside funerary chapels.

The range of products includes plates ranging from a few tens of centimeters in height up to large dimensions (more than one meter).

Bronze Bas Relief Plaques

The Bronze Bas Relief Plaques for tombstones, together with the Bronze Statues, are among the finest artworks produced by Real Votiva funerary art foundry.

Bronze Bas Relief Plaques for Graves and Funerary Chapels

The bronze plaques are suitable to be applied in tombstones or funerary monuments or as artistic elements inside funeral chapels.

This ornaments are complementary to other headstone accessories like parchments, votive lamps and flower vases.

In fact, Real Votiva produces a rich variety of artistic plaques and ornaments that represents ChristVirgin MarySt. Padre Pio, Angels, Michelangelo Pity, Doves, Resurrection and other religious representations. 

The artistic tradition of the bronze relief plates of Real Votiva originates from the work of Paolo Chirico (Milan, 21/10/1921) a famous bronzist who in the course of his career has created statuesbusts and memorials

The bronze bas relief are all made with the technique of “lost wax” casting.

All the decorative bas relief plaques in bronze are treated with a special coating patina that ensures resistance to weather, especially for the graves planted outdoors, increasing their durability.

Decorative plaques in porcelain for gravestones

In addition to the bronze plaques, our catalog also includes a series of fine white Porcelain Bas Relief Plaques, also representing MadonnaChrist and other sacred images.

Decorative plaques in porcelain for gravestones