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Crosses and Crucifixes for Graves and Chapels

Crosses and Crucifixes in bronze, stainless steel and porcelain

Real Votiva produces a wide range of crosses and crucifixes used for graves, tombs and chapels decoration.

They can be used as burial crossesground or wall crosses.

The crosses and crucifixes size range from about 10 cm in height up to 2.5 meters and are available with wall or ground attachment.

Crosses and crucifixes are produced in bronze, porcelain and stainless steel.

Bronze crosses and crucifixes

Most of the Bronze Crosses and Crucifixes for graves and chapels available in our catalog are used for the decoration of tombstones (with wall mounting).

Bronze Crosses and Crucifixes for Graves and Chapels

The larger models of crosses can also be applied to the interior walls of cemetery chapels, for example to decorate an altar, or on the front wall of the chapel.

Largest crucifixes in bronze (height from 80 to 250 cm) are made using the lost wax technique: they are really a fine and unique artworks.

Our models of crosses and crucifixes are available either in natural color (bronze) or in different colors (chrome, mercury or gunmetal, glitter bronze, marble finishing).

Many models are hand painted or embellished with bronze finishes and applications, such as rosesbranchesdoves and golden decorations.

Most of the models of our catalogue can be combined with photo frames, flower vases and votive lamps and other objects of the same line.

Crosses and crucifixes are treated with a special transparent coating that guarantees weather resistance and durability especially for graves planted outdoors.

Porcelain crosses and crucifixes

The models of Porcelain Holy Crosses are available in various colors (white, pink, red france, carrara, travertine, onyx, portoro, green alps, apuania, black marble, pearl, granite).

Porcelain crosses and crucifixes

Porcelain crosses can be easily combined with other items, such as vases, lamps and photo frames, of the same line and finish.

Stainless steel crosses and crucifixes

The products range is completed by some models of Steel Crosses and Crucifixes with their simple but solemn line.

Stainless steel crosses and crucifixes