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Sacred statues for cemetery chapels and monuments

Sacred and religious statues for chapels, monuments and cemetery tombs are funeral and urban furniture’s complements of extraordinary beauty; they adorn sacred and civic places, internal and external, such as: churches, monuments, cemeteries, tombstones, noble chapels, squares, streets, public and private buildings.

Sacred statues for cemetery chapels and monuments
La pietà di Michelangelo – bronze statue – lost wax casting

Sacred statues, both small and big, contain a deep symbolic and emotional value:

  • they create, through the prayer, a correspondence of loving senses between earthly and spiritual life;
  • they shake our souls to make Saints’ presence tangible;
  • they infuse their blessing on pilgrims;
  • they invoke heaven’s protection for earthly places.

Among the most researched religious sculptures stand out the following statues:

  • Michelangelo‘s Pity (Pietà di Michelangelo)
  • The Resurrection
  • Heart of Jesus
  • Jesus
  • Risen Christ
  • Madonna: Virgin Mary, Lourdes, Immaculate Madonna, Medjugorje, Fatima.

Certainly, a prominent place is also occupied by the Angels and the Saints: the most loved ones are the statue of San Pio from Petralcina or Padre Pio, the statue of San Antonio or the statue of San Francesco from Padova.

Since the Old Testament, sacred and religious statues have been works of art which have had great value for people: it is through their intercession that we pray to the Lord and ask for Grace. This is why these sculptures are an integral part of our existence and we place them in sacred but also laic places.

Authentic masterpieces, forged by great master craftsmen, the sacred statues for chapels, monuments and cemetery tombs made by Real Votiva are realized with first choice materials.

Produced in bronze, porcelain and marble dust, they are available in various sizes and have beautiful and elegant finishes which give them a touch of class, making them unique and exclusive.

After the melting, surfaces are chiseled and finished. Among the most requested finishes there is the so-called “Glitter Bronze” finish which gives the bronze a very shiny appearance.

The statues in marble powder, solid and very resistant to bad weather, are works whose beauty is destined to last over time, thanks to the type of material they are made of: marble powder is an extremely versatile, long-lasting and tenacious product. Thanks to these peculiar characteristics, these statues are very suitable for outdoor installations; they are also finished with an excellent bronze-like or porcelain-like paintwork which, for the same size, makes them cheaper than bronze or porcelain statues.

Porcelain statues are produced from a type of ceramic which is obtained from different mixtures and by cooking at very high temperatures, generally between 1300 and 1400 ° C. Distinguished by a unique and refined style, our porcelain statues are realized following the classic procedures of artistic processing and they are finished by hand taking care of the elegance of the details.

To check the availability and the price of the bronze, porcelain and marble powder statues, buy them online or to request a quote or technical information, you can consult the complete catalog on our Store ( or contact our customer service.