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Funerary Art Objects Production, since 1967

Funerary Art Objects Production by Real Votiva

About us

REAL VOTIVA is an italian company founded in 1967 leader in the Funerary Art Objects Production, used for the decoration of tombstones and gravestones

Funerary Art Objects Production

The main products are:

  • letters for tombstones and monuments,
  • flower vases,
  • frames for porcelaine photo,
  • votive lamps, electrical and with candles,
  • chandeliers for cemetery chapels,
  • commemorative plaques, books and parchments,
  • support brackets and studs for tombstones,
  • holy crosses and crucifixes,
  • bronze, porcelain and marble powder statues,
  • cremation urns for ashes.

Distinctive elements

REAL VOTIVA is a company in which tradition and innovation have always coexisted in perfect harmony.

It is distinguished by the careful care in the selection of high quality raw materials and the application in the production process of cutting-edge methods and equipment.

Company’s goal

First of all, the main company’s goal is to offer to the customers high quality funeral articles, complying with European standards and characterized by the care of the finishes and the precious and elegant shapes.

Furthermore, REAL VOTIVA has always paid great attention to the sustainable development of the territory, applying all those criteria that can sustain economic and social growth, with particular attention to the environment.

Our production

Due to our long experience we are able to make available to the national and international market a wide range of products in bronze, porcelain and steel with over 3000 items available in our catalogue.

Our numerous and differentiated products are recognizable for accuracy and elegance of design.

Production technique

Most noteworthy, our production technique is that of the art foundry, characterized by processes carefully followed step by step by the artisans who work in the company.

From the preparation of the molds, to the perfect casting, to the exact opening of the stirrup, to the rigorous brushing of the product, a perfect chiselling, effective powder coating, up to quality control, last phase before the delivery of the finished product.