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Memorial flower vases for graves headstones

Flower vases in bronze, porcelain and steel for graves

Real Votiva produces a rich assortment of memorial flower vases for graves headstones in bronze, porcelain and steel. 

On our catalog you can explore the many available lines, classified in:

  • Bronze vases lines (Olpe, Idria, Cotile, Olla, Pelike, Calice, Pisside, Anfora, Cista, Giara, Fonte, Lebete, Campana, Caritas, Keliche, Seba, Meg, Rose, Volo).
  • Porcelain vases lines (Victoria, Saturno, Calice, Venere, Giara, Decoro, Easy, Tralci di rosa)
  • Steel vases lines (Barocco, Gothic, Imperial, Decò, Rococò, Doric, Ionic, Phoenician). 

Most of the available models can be combined with other types of products of the same line, sharing a common style and design.

For the same model, are available different variants that distinguished for the type of attachment (wall or ground) and for the type of interior vase (copper or plastic).

The sizes of vases vary from 13 to 28 cm in height depending on the models; so they can be used both to normal sized niches and to small ones, like ossuaires niches.

The wall-mounted flower vases are applied on the surface of the tombstone through two pins placed in the back; while the ground-mounted flower vases are fixed on the surface by two pins placed at the base.

Bronze Memorial Flower Vases for Graves Headstones

The various models of Bronze Flower Vases are produced in different variants such as patinated bronzeglitter bronzegunmetalchromed or are decorated with small bronze objects, such as doves, or decorations in gold color

Vasi portafiori in bronzo

The most precious memorial flower vases for graves headstones models are those produced with the lost wax technique, such as the Keliche and Meg line, unique for their fine decorations.

In addition to the normal flower vases, larger pots are also available called flower-holder bowls, in single-bowl and double-bowl format.

Porcelain Flower Vases

The Porcelain Flower Vases models are available in a rich variety of colors (white, pink, france red, turquoise, carrara marble, botticino marble, travertine marble, guatemala green marble, marquinia black marble, onyx, portoro marble, labrador granite, alps green marble, apuania marble, black marble, pearl granite) and decorations (liberty, millenium, lozenge, roses, daisies, leaves, Etruscan, Greek).

Porcelain Flower Vases

Steel Flower Vases

Real Votiva production also includes a series of Stainless Steel Flower Vases.

Steel Flower Vases for Graves

Technical notes

All our memorial flower vases for graves are finished with a special transparent coating that guarantees resistance to weather and time, particularly useful for applications on graves placed outdoors.

Various lines of vases are available that can be combined with other products of the same line.