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Statues for Cemetery Chapels and Churches

Sacred statues in bronze, porcelain and marble powder

Real Votiva produces a rich set of statues for cemetery chapels and churches in various materials like bronze, porcelain and marble powder. Learn more about our statues production in the subsequent sections.

Bronze sacred statues

The  Bronze Sacred Statues represent the flagship of the Real Votiva art foundry production. 

Bronze sacred statues for cemetery chapels

The sacred subjects most represented in the production of bronze statues for cemetery chapels and churches of Real Votiva, both in the form of busts and of entire statues, are:

  • Jesus Christ, Risen Christ, Sacred Heart;
  • Madonna Immacolate, Lourdes, Fatima, Medjugorje;
  • Michelangelo’s Pity;
  • Saint Padre Pio, Saint Joseph, Saint Antony from Padova;
  • various subjects represented in the act of prayer, imploring, meditation, invocation, throwing flowers.

The tradition of bronze statues of Real Votiva originates from the work of Paolo Chirico (Milan, 21/10/1921) a famous bronzist who in the course of his career has created a lot of famous statues, memorials and busts.

Real Votiva realizes its bronze artworks with the lost-wax casting method, the same used, over the millennia, first by the Egyptians, then by the Greeks, the Etruscans and the Romans.

The Zeus of Athens, the horses of S. Marco in Venice, the Marcus Aurelius of the Campidoglio in Rome, the great sculptures of the Renaissance, were made with the same technique, which, over time, has not undergone major changes.

This technique consists in coating a refractory earth support with wax, subsequently modeled; a second layer of earth is applied to the wax, which thus finds itself trapped within two masses.

By strongly heating the casing thus obtained, the wax melts and comes out liquid from the vents specially made. In the thin void left by the wax, usually a few millimeters, the liquid alloy is poured, which by cooling and hardening gives the fusion. It allows to obtain a thin and uniform layer. After casting, the surfaces are finished and chiselled, giving the desired patina to the bronze.

In the context of this type of work, deserves a particular mention a reproduction of Michelangelo’s David, more than 5 meters tall, an artwork designed and built for Cosmo (Scotland).

In addition to the artworks listed in catalogue, Real Votiva realizes custom works on demand.

Porcelain sacred statues

Porcelain Sacred Statues are statues representing various religious figures, made of precious porcelain.

Porcelain sacred statues for cemetery chapels

The sacred subjects represented with porcelain statues are:

  • Jesus Christ, Sacred Heart;
  • Immacolate Madonna, Lourdes’ Madonna, Fatima’s Madonna.

These statues are endowed with an intense artistic expression thanks to the attention to detail and the fine finishes.

Even the porcelain sacred statues can be used both for cemetery and religious furnishings and for the embellishment of interiors and exteriors.

Marble powder sacred statues

Statues representing various religious figures made of marble powder (Spanish quartz).

Marble powder sacred statues for cemetery chapels

The sacred subjects represented with the statues in marble powder are:

  • Immacolate Madonna, Lourdes’ Madonna, Fatima’s Madonna, Miraculous Medal Madonna;
  • Jesus Christ, Sacred Heart, Risen Christ;
  • Saint Padre Pio of Pietralcina, Saint Anthony of Padua, Saint Francis of Paola;
  • Angels in prayer.

The advantages of marble powder statues are:

  • high sturdiness (the statues are completely full);
  • resistance to atmospheric agents (thanks to the surface finish with special paints) which make them suitable also for outdoor installations;
  • economy compared to statues in bronze or porcelain of the same size.

The finish is made with special glossy bronze or glossy white paints that give the statues the appearance of bronze or porcelain.