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Cookie Policy


This Cookie Policy explains what cookies are, the types of cookies we use, how we use them (i.e. the information we collect through cookies and what that information is used for) and how to control your cookie preferences.

For further information on how we use, store and protect your personal data, please consult our Privacy Policy page, where you will also find information on how to contact us for any clarifications or requests.

What are cookies

Cookies are small text files that are used to store information. They are stored on your device when you visit the website from your browser. This information can be retrieved from the site when it is consulted at a later time.

These cookies can serve various purposes: to make the site work correctly, to make it more secure, to provide a better user experience, to obtain statistical data on how the site works, to allow the visitor to securely store some data, such as the username, preferred language settings or last viewed or favorite products, so you don’t have to fill in the same information every time you access the site again.

How we use cookies

Our site uses first-party cookies and third-party cookies for various purposes.

First-party cookies are mostly necessary for the website to function properly and do not collect any personally identifiable data. First-party cookies are generated and used directly by our site.

The third-party cookies used on our site are analytical and are mainly used to understand how the site works and how you interact with it, in order to develop and provide a better user experience in the future and to collect anonymous statistical data on navigation on the site .

Third-party cookies are generated and used by parties other than the site manager, but for the purpose of providing services to the site manager, on the basis of contracts between the website owner and the relevant third party.

General classification of cookies

  • Technical cookies. They assist in the correct and effective functioning of the site. They can be classified into:
    • Navigation or session cookies: they guarantee normal navigation and use of the website (e.g. session identifiers, to maintain consistent navigation between the pages of the site, or authentication, to avoid the user having to enter each time needs to access the site the username on the login page).
    • Functional cookies: they allow the user to navigate the site according to a series of selected criteria (for example, the chosen language, the last products viewed or favorites, etc.) in order to improve and facilitate its use.
    • Analytical (statistical) cookies: they are used to collect statistical information, in anonymous and aggregate form, on the behavior of visitors to the site (number of users who visit the site, most visited pages, etc.) or on the origin of the visit to the site (for example example, via search on search engines, direct access, etc.).
  • Profiling cookies. Profiling cookies are aimed at creating profiles relating to the user and are used to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the user when browsing the internet.

What cookies are used by this site

The actual cookies used by our site are listed below, classified into the types described above. Please note that our site does NOT use profiling cookies.

First party cookies

pll_languageStores the language chosen by the user (required).Technical / FunctionalSessionNo

Third party cookies

_ga_#Google Ireland LtdUsed by Google Analytics to collect data on the number of times a user has visited the website, as well as data for the first visit and the most recent visit.Technical / Functional2 yearsNo
_gaGoogle Ireland LtdRegisters a unique ID used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website. The cookie stores information anonymously and assigns a randomly generated number to recognize unique visitors.Technical / Functional2 yearsNo
_gidGoogle Ireland LtdUsed by Google Analytics to store information about how visitors use a website, also creating an analytical report of the website’s performance. Some of the data collected includes the number of visitors, their source, and the pages they visit anonymously.Technical / Functional1 dayNo
_gat_gtag_UA_#Google Ireland LtdUsed by Google Analytics to distinguish one user from another.Technical / Functional1 muniteNo

References to third-party cookies

Pursuant to art. 154, paragraph 1, letter. c) of the Privacy Code, below are the links to the web pages containing information relating to third-party cookies used by the site.

Google Analytics

How can I manage the cookies stored by the browser

You can change your browser settings to deactivate the recording of cookies or delete all or part of the cookies recorded using specific functions. Warning: by deactivating the recording of cookies, the advantages set out above will be lost (for example, every time you change the page you will need to reset the preferred language).

Browser manufacturers provide help pages related to managing cookies in their products:

For other browsers, consult the documentation provided by the manufacturer.

Final communication

This page can be reached via the specific “Cookie Policy” link at the bottom of all pages of the site pursuant to the current text of the art. 122 Legislative Decree. 196/2003 and the Provision of the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data of 08/05/2014 n.229, published in the Official Journal of 03/06/2014 n. 126.