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Floral Decorations for Gravestones

Motifs and floral decorations in bronze or porcelain for gravestones and tombs

In the wide production of funerary items, Real Votiva offers a fine series of floral decorations for gravestones and cemetery tombs. All of this items stand out for their style, excellent finish and high quality materials.

These decorative accessories are classified in:

Similarly to other types of objects, with which they can be easily combined, the floral decorations stand out for their unique style, excellent finishing and high quality materials.

Bronze floral decorations

There are several floral decorations in bronze including: roses, violets, daisies, wild flowers, wheat ears.

Bronze Floral Decorations for Gravestones

In particular, the bronze rose shoots are available in various sizes and in various color finishes:

  • polished bronze;
  • brown bronze (a dark brown color);
  • dark green leaves and white roses;
  • dark green leaves and red roses.

Porcelain floral decorations

The porcelain rose shoots are available in a few essential models, in the colors: white, pink, red and yellow.

Porcelain rose shoots decorations for gravestones