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Scrolls and Memorial Books for Gravestones

Decorative Parchments and Books in Bronze and Porcelain

The decorative scrolls (alias commemorative plaques / parchments) and memorial books for gravestones are objects that for their high symbolic value are very used in the funerary art.

Parchments and Memorial Books for Gravestones

Depending on the material used, the following are available:

Thanks to the experience gained in the bronze processing sector, Real Votiva s.r.l. produces a wide range of commemorative plaques, scrolls, parchments and books also taking care of the relative personalized engraving on customer request. 

The engraving service allows the customer to inscribe any type of words on the bronze surface.

State-of-the-art equipment and highly specialized personnel guarantee excellent quality results.

Decorative scrolls, parchments, books and other memorial plaques for gravestones are available in various formats (landscape or portait), size (from 5×12 cm up to 17×33 cm) and materials (bronze or porcelain in various marble colors: guatemala green, botticino, carrara, black marquinia).

Also available are the refined decorated book models, in bronze or ceramismalt, also with the possibility of personalized engraving.